Ques - Does Care N Fair treat scars ?

Answer - Yes, Care N Fair is the best topical treatment for scars, burns, pimples, and acne.

Ques - When should I use this cream?

Answer - Care N Fair should be used at nights and while using this cream sun-exposure to be avoided. It is recommended to wash your face or rinse thoroughly in the morning.

Ques - What are the uses of the Care N Fair?

Answer - Care N fair is used to treat all sorts of marks on your face and your skin as well. It removes post-acne marks, post-wound marks with ease. It also vanishes depigmentation and makes you feel comfortable.

Ques - Is it safe to use in children?

Answer - No, Care N fair is not to be used in children.

Ques - Is it safe to use in pregnancy?

Answer - No, Care N Fair should not be used in pregnancy.

Ques - What are the side effects of Care N Fair?

Answer - On sensitive skin, it causes burning, irritation, itching, redness while using Care N Fair, if you notice any side-effects. You should stop using the cream.

Ques - How will Care N Fair give my skin a lighter tone?

Answer - Care N Fair uses hydroquinone, which helps in the depigmentation of the skin. It also contains Vitamin A which is essential for the renewal of skin cells.

Ques - Can I use this cream for redness and swelling?

Answer - Yes, in fact, mometasone is another ingredient in this cream that helps with redness and swelling by blocking the chemical messengers that cause it.

Ques - What makes Care N Fair different from its competitors?

Answer - With Wellbird pharma’s mission to never compromise in its quality, Wellbird Pharma confers Care N fair the best in terms of quality, in terms of suitability.

Ques - How does Care N Fair give a natural tone?

Answer - Care N Fair enriches Hydroquinone that stops the production of melamine on your skin which causes depigmentation. Therefore, it vanishes all your skin aches and thus, gives you a natural feel.