Ques - Are there any side effects of NO-G?

AnswerNo, No-G has zero side effects and it is 100% ayurvedic made from traditional and natural ingredients for healing purposes.

Ques - Dies NO-G help with nausea and bad taste?

Answer - NO-G is an ayurvedic medicine enriched with camphor and menthol that lifts your mood and helps you with travel sickness, nausea, and bad taste.

Ques - What makes NO-G handy for every household?

Answer - No-G is every effective in all the above-stated problems with zero side-effects, which makes No-G handy for every household.

Ques - Can it be taken right after a meal?

Answer - The best way to take NO-G is in every 2-3 hours from when a problem is experienced.

Ques - Is NO-G a digestive medication?

Answer - Yes, NO-G has multiple uses and its main function is to keep your digestive tract clean and healthy.

Ques - Does it require Doctor Prescription?

Answer - No-G is 100% ayurvedic medication and No-G does not have any side effects. Therefore, it does not require a Doctor's prescription.

Ques - What properties does NO-G posses?

Answer - No-G possesses Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory properties. And all these properties possess are natural in No-G.