Ques - Is it ok to use this gel multiple times a day?

AnswerIdeally, it should be used two to three times a day on the affected area.

Ques - Are there any side effects / precautions that I should be aware of?

Answer - Wellmoov has absolutely no side effects and the only precaution that you should know is keeping it away from children.

Ques - What makes Wellmoov different?

Answer - Wellmoov is one of a kind healer that penetrates your skin and relaxes your muscles instantly. Unlike other ointments, Wellmoov doesn't even require a long massage on the affected area. Works completely on its own.

Ques - Is it safe for pregnant women?

Answer - Women should consult the physician during pregnancy.

Ques - How does wellmoov provide an instant remedy?

Answer - Wellmoov provides instant relief and gives a cooling sensation to your pain. For long term relief, you can use it twice or thrice on the affected area until the pain is completely gone.

Ques - Is wellmoov anti-inflammatory?

Answer - The diclofenac(NSAID) in this cream relieves inflammation and relaxes the sore muscle and painful cramps. Apart from that, this gel also has menthol that counters irritation and gives instant relief.

Ques - What are the uses of Wellmoov?

Answer - Wellmoov is used in all kinds of muscles pain, joint pain, arthritis, backache, neck pain.

Ques - Is it safe for children when applied on the affected area?

Answer - Yes, it is safe in children above 5 years.